Milksha UK & NNECA Partnership

In 2022, Milksha UK have teamed up with NNECA, a charity that aims to protect children from abuse, through their prevent-ED campaign. As part of the campaign, Milksha have committed to raise money through regular sponsorship and activity events.
Milksha and NNECA aim to educate and empower over 50,000 children in the UK and across the world, and are both passionate and committed to keeping children safe and happy.


NNECA believe child sexual abuse is preventable through better education and awareness. We currently operate in the UK, Europe, US and Asia, and share our awareness material in over 50 countries across multiple languages.
NNECA believes schools must adopt a ‘whole-school’ approach to child sexual abuse, meaning every teacher, every staff member, every child and every parent are empowered and equipped with the relevant age-appropriate prevention training to identify the signs of abuse, and possess the knowledge for next steps.
We learnt the most effective prevention strategies revolved around early-stage education. Using this approach, we truly believe that 90% of child sexual abuse and exploitation is preventable through education and awareness.

Our PreventEd Legislation

Legislation to introduce mandatory accredited training for all teachers and school staff in child sexual abuse prevention. Schools need to adopt a “whole school” approach to tackling and preventing systematic abuse. This legislation looks for every staff member to understand, identify, and manage the reporting phase.
Should we succeed in our mission to push the government into changing legislation, the PreventEd training course will be delivered through online and mobile E-Learning applications providing the necessary flexibility for teachers. E-Learning allows continuous reinforcement of content and skills, and will allow all primary schools to be trained within months, unlike school-based workshop training. We advocate that the Department for Education certifies best practice guidelines and quality assurance.

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